What was it?

A custom step van for ADIDAS that was conceptualized by a team of brilliant minds at Match Marketing Group and brought to life by our resident magic lamp genie at Popshopolis. This ice cream truck on seriods currently rolls down the streets of LA with exterior marine-grade speakers and a giant Bose soundbar. Talk about a party on wheels! The best part of this “ice cream truck” is that we installed a commercial-grade freezer for Choco Taco storage and distribution at events.

What did it do?

The ADIDAS Ice Cream Truck serves as as a marketing and promotional vehicle specifically built to showcase ADIDAS soccer gear at sporting events and street soccer leagues such as the ADIDAS Tango League. We built this rolling marketing machine with big branding opportunities in mind. We maximized real estate for advertising on the exterior, installed custom modular retail display racks on the interior, and fabricated two-way shadow boxes to showcase the hottest merchandise to the street level. To top it all off, when Tango League fans purchase the latest drops like ADIDAS Christiano Ronaldo cleats and ADIDAS Juventus jerseys from the truck, customers also get a free Choco Taco. Now that’s a token of cross-promotional genius!

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